Content Management

Corporate content libraries kept on

Our proprietary, online image library has registered media users in 80 countries across the world, who are already downloading and using business images, both generic and bespoke, created specifically for client companies. Using the Newscast Content Management system you can keep an extensive high resolution library on this system, including hosting video, press-kits and press contact information all in one place, simple to use and secure. The libraries are backed-up 24 hours a day giving you access, security and peace of mind.

Tailor made corporate libraries

Tailor-made corporate image libraries are hosted on Newscast’s system and linked seamlessly with your internet and/or intranet without any IT development or integration requirements on your part, appearing – to all intents and purposes – to be part of your site. Internal and external visitors will be able to view and download your images without any sense of having left your company’s site. Because of a password-protected homepage, you decide who accesses your image library and to what extent each user group has access. For example - Your internal sales, marketing and public affairs teams may access different content to each other while your external communications and PR agencies may have greater content access than the media. You can manage your own content and categories, downloading and uploading high resolution images, video content and press information, creating press rooms for special events, integrating communication tool templates for use company-wide and much more. With Newscast, you have a complete communication library solution, which adds value to both internal and external communication strategies, by allowing easy access for all audiences to the resources that best illustrate your company’s activities and enhance its reputation.