Visual Consultancy

The media environment is changing at a rapid pace. Today's increasingly complex and rapidly changing global news environment creates a challenge for every company to convey its corporate identity and communicate its messages effectively. With over 25 years experience of being commissioned by national and international media, Newscast uses it unique position at the heart of the media to advise and guide corporate clients to achieve their media objectives, across broadcast, print and online channels.

How can Visual consultancy help you?

Getting media exposure for a company, person, brand, product, outlet or activity is a difficult task – especially if there’s limited story potential. Competition for editorial space across all print and digital platforms is extremely fierce. Newscast has the ability to cut through the competition and get your story the coverage it deserves.

Visual communication consultancy:

Helps you identify stories when you have them and creates them when you don’t Tells you what parts of your business and its operations have picture possibilities Helps your business become more picture-aware and teaches it how to harness the power of images Advises you on the images you should have in reserve for use against crises and general issues if and when they arise Newscast offers innovative visual communication solutions to our corporate clients and the agencies that support them.

Newscast specialises in:

  • Advising on the news potential of stories with a pictorial angle
  • Providing a range of picture ideas based on our experience of the media
  • Distributing the picture, in an industry-standard format, to our media contacts

As well as gaining you media coverage, our visual expertise can help you to exploit the power of imagery throughout your communication strategy.

  • Generating visual ideas that communicate brand messages effectively, across all marketing materials
  • Organising seminars for your staff on the importance and means of communicating visually
  • Planning your corporate photography